Hunting 101: all you need to know about getting sustainable meat, including the best gun scopes and other gear

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Hey guys,


I wanted to talk to you today about hunting as a main source of meat, which I think is the most sustainable thing we can do to continue having a diet that’s high in protein without wrecking the planet. So this blog is going to go into a bit about why I think hunting is the better way to go, and then tell you the basics of what you need to start.


First of all, we have to admit that agriculture as we know it is destroying our environment. It’s just not a smart use of our land and energy, and it’s really doing a number on the climate. Raising animals for meat takes exponentially more farmland than growing vegetables, because you have to use all that land for grass and grains to feed the cattle in the first place. You’re essentially using the majority of good growing soil in the least efficient way possible, to basically grow grass. If you were to plant fruit and vegetables in that space, you could easily feed the world, which at this point, we would need another whole planet to actually do. The worst part is that all those animals crank out so much carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere that they actually do more to heat up the planet than cars or electricity. That’s not an opinion, that’s just a fact, and it’s coming from somebody who likes to eat meat.

I think hunting is the way to go because you’re living off of animals that roam wild lands, which you don’t have to wreck by planting monoculture grain and grasses. Deer don’t do any harm in the woods, and the fact that they live in the woods so you don’t have to deforest to get your meat is infinitely better for the planet.


The meat is better for you, too. Beef and pork are pretty fatty, and most dietitians will tell you that you shouldn’t eat them every day, because lean protein like fish and chicken are better for you. The same is true of wild game. It’s about as lean as any meat can get.


And if you’re hunting, you have a real engagement with the animal you’re eating. It sort of forces you to be more honest about what you’re doing. Now, I’m fine with eating meat, and taking my own game. I’ve been around that my whole life, and it feels like just part of nature. But I also know that a lot of folks eat meat every day but try never to think about where it comes from, or the fact that an animal was killed to get it. I don’t have to feel bad about the factory farms that produced my dinner because I hunt it in the woods. It feels a lot better to take a deer that’s had a great life running around in the woods than to eat some really processed piece of beef that came from a cow that didn’t see sunlight ever.


Will you have to eat less meat? Sure, but that’s probably good for most of us. Unless you’re really getting a workout every day, you don’t need all that protein, and there are lots of other ways to get protein besides eating meat. You’re going to appreciate the meat you do have, as well, and have a more honest relationship with it since you know what it took to get, and what the animal was that it came from.


So that’s essentially my case for why you should hunt. I think that anyone who lives close to the woods should be doing it as a matter of fact, but even if you’re within an hour’s drive of some hunting grounds, there’s no reason not to bring home at least half your year’s worth of meat to the freezer instead of buying it from unsustainable farms.


Here’s what you have to do to get started:


-choose your weapon: you can hunt with a bow or a rifle, for pretty much any game. It’s a personal preference, but bows aren’t good for really big game like a moose or a bear. Rifles will work for just about anything, but you have to make sure you get the right size gun, because if you use too small of a gun you won’t get a clean kill.


-get a good scope: for the same reason, mostly. You want to get a clean shot that kills the animal instantly so you don’t cause it any unnecessary suffering. Find the right one on

-know what you want to hunt: that’s going to help you figure out what weapon to use, but manly it’ll tell you where you need to look for hunting. For a lot of people, you’re going to end up going for what’s near you. So, out West where I live, there’s a lot of elk, rabbits, and deer, were out East you’re going to see a lot more wild turkeys, deer, black bear, that sort of thing.


-figure out where to go: it’s pretty self-explanatory. You’re going to have to find somewhere you can hunt, so obviously the closer you are to the woods, the easier it’s going to be for you. Ask anyone you know who hunts and Google if you’re completely blank.


Lastly, I would just say that I think everyone should get into hunting, but people who haven’t ever been before should go out with a friend before you do your first major trip. You have a lot to learn before it’s really safe to be out in the woods alone, and you’re going to need a partner to bring back any big game anyway. Let me reiterate again that having the right gear is also a must, like the best ar 15 scopes, the best sniper scopes found on

But if you put a lot of thought into it and make an effort to push yourself to go on a regular basis, I think hunting for your own meat is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. And it’s the only way to really be green with eating animals.