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Growing Our Communities - Growing Our Economy

On November 2, 2005, Governor Rendell announced the first installment of grants under Growing Greener II, bringing fruition to more than a year of aggressive efforts to address some of the state's most pressing environmental problems and help the state win the race for revitalized communities, new business and job creation.

“With these projects we deliver on our promise to voters, who approved a $625 million bond issue in May, to make Pennsylvania healthier, a better place to live and more competitive in attracting and supporting business investment,” Governor Rendell said.  “In just three months since we reached a final agreement with the legislature, we have our first list of projects.  No state is doing more to protect its quality of life or to safeguard tomorrow.”

“Pennsylvania is making an investment in its future and our families, communities and businesses will all share the benefits,” Governor Rendell said.  “With this funding we will get 140 critical projects in 50 counties underway, projects that have languished for years because we lacked the money.  This is good news for all Pennsylvanians.”

What's New

County Environmental Initiative Program
$90 million in Growing Greener II funding now available for county use.
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November 2, 2005
Governor Rendell Says PA Investing in the Future with Environmental Grants; Safeguarding Communities, Attracting Business Investment
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