How to Monogram with Sewing Machine in 7 Easy Steps

Monogramming without utilizing an embroidery machine is easy and can be done perfectly once you get the hang of it. The best part is that you don’t need any fancy materials or expensive equipment; your old sewing machine can do the job as good as any machine that does embroidery.

Just make adjustments in the settings of your sewing machine a tad and prepare your fabric with an embroidery hoop to achieve the look you desire.

What You Need:

Thread of your preferred color
Mongramming fabric
A hoop for embroidery
& your sewing machine
Pencil or Tailor’s chalk

Methods on how to monogram with sewing machine:

1. You start the process by first washing your fabric before the monogramming to avoid shrinkage later because shrunk fabric makes stitches pucker and ruin the look of it.

2. Using a pencil or chalk, outline your desired design on the fabric.

3. Stretch and fix the design in your embroidery hoop.

4. Prepare your sewing machine by removing the pressed foot and setting the pattern to a straight stitch.

5. Make sure the upper thread tension is light and the position of your needle should be set to ‘left’ or the ‘middle’ and the stitch length regulator is set to ‘down’. Don’t allow the lower thread to be pulled upwards.

6. Lower your machine’s presser bar lifter after placing the hoop under the needle and hold it close with both your hands.

7. Move the hoop with your left hand while adjusting the stitch with your right one as per the pattern.

This kind of hand guiding delivers perfectly monogrammed designs with no fancy equipment except for a regular sewing machine.